Sail-pod 25kw technical specification

Velettrica’s Sail-pod 25 KW is easy and quick to install and fully integrates into the boat, takes up no space inside except for batteries and is suitable for all sailboats between 40 and 60 feet.

While sailing, even at a few knots, thanks to the energy produced by the wind and the movement of the boat, the system can efficiently recharge batteries and produce energy for on board comforts.

The active system and produces no noise, no vibrations, no emissions: while we adjust the boat, the system manages the on-board energy according to the speed of the boat while the propeller, thanks to the control electronics, interacts with the sails.

The result is that it is easier to steer in all sea and wind conditions, experiencing a new way of sailing in harmony with nature and in maximum comfort & safety.

The multifunction propeller as electronic command and control system, it can close like a flower to minimizes friction under “pure” sailing mode.

The propeller is designed with a biomimetic approach and is based on the study of alternatives to commercial propulsion systems and the search for maximum balance with the environment.

Max Power 26 KW 26 KW
Continuous Power 18 KW
Static Thrust >4500 N
Over-all Efficiency >58%
For Sailboat up to 60 ft/20 Ton.
Dimensions H 762 / L 983 mm